video game experiments and game jams


It's fun to throw a game together in a weekend, or to experiment with a new mechanic. These are some of those experiements.

Wordle Cheat

Tool to cheat at the old worldle game written in vue.js
Solder Stacks screenshot

Solder Stacks

Puzzle game written in Elm.js where you clear tiles that have the same color.
Autonomia screenshot


Ludum Dare #28 game jam entry written in Unity
Aaron & Alex screenshot

Aaron & Alex

Two brothers make somewhat snarky comments as you try to solve Alex's arrow puzzles to remove roadblocks. Ludum Dare #26 game jam entry written in Unity
LD26 Practice screenshot

LD26 Practice

practice game before my first Ludum Dare game competition
Game Jam Kit screenshot

Game Jam Kit

Some base code to help quickly make Game Jam entries
Eat My Words screenshot

Eat My Words

Prototype edu-game that won 2nd place at StartUp Weekend Seattle in 2012.
Cheatin' Words screenshot

Cheatin' Words

Site to help me cheat at Words With Friends, and learn the Golang beta on AppEngine