Aaron & Alex

Two brothers make somewhat snarky comments as you try to solve Alex's arrow puzzles to remove roadblocks. Ludum Dare #26 game jam entry written in Unity

Ludum Dare 26 48-hour game competition entry


My entry for the Ludum Dare 26 48h game competition.



This game was made in 48 hours ending April 28th 2013. I’ve written a postmorten here: https://plus.google.com/100955196044884930812/posts/HKxmZBhQKeq

Timelapse and Developer’s Comments

Ludum Dare 26 Ratings:

  Coolness 100%
#108 Audio 3.56
#177 Humor 3.02
#282 Mood 3.22
#595 Fun 2.94
#596 Overall 3.13
#650 Innovation 3.00
#737 Theme 3.35
#840 Graphics 2.67


This was created using the Unity Web Player, a plugin system for browsers. However with the start of the iPhone plugins slowly stopped working. Today there is no way to play this game.