Robert Wallis: Alive, Human, definitely not a Robot.

Solder Stacks screenshot

Solder Stacks

Puzzle Game
ECSLight screenshot


A lightweight Entity Component Framework (ECS) for MonoGame and Unity
Pump Simulator screenshot

Pump Simulator

Prototype demonstrating Physically Based Shading
SevenBits screenshot


Puzzle Prototype
LD26 Practice screenshot

LD26 Practice

practice game before my first Ludum Dare game competition
Eat My Words screenshot

Eat My Words

Prototype edu-game that won 2nd place at StartUp Weekend Seattle in 2012.
30 Facets of Motivation screenshot

30 Facets of Motivation

Reformatted psychology game design talk in a PDF
webd screenshot


Multi-site web server with autocert.
git pair IDE plugin screenshot

git pair IDE plugin

Pair Management For JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA based IDES
Dry Space screenshot

Dry Space

Asteroid Space Prototype
Autonomia screenshot


Ludum Dare 28 Game Jam Entry
Game Jam Kit screenshot

Game Jam Kit

Some base code to help quickly make Game Jam entries
Cube Trainer screenshot

Cube Trainer

Prototype to help people learn the Rubik's Cube
Cheatin' Words screenshot

Cheatin' Words

Site to help me cheat at Words With Friends, and learn Go on AppEngine
httpounder screenshot


Playback HTTP GET logs against a webserver to test it.
Timer Boxes screenshot

Timer Boxes

Multiple timers at the same time. Android / iOS
Beep Beep Plane screenshot

Beep Beep Plane

Week 2 Prototype / Postmortem
Aaron & Alex screenshot

Aaron & Alex

Ludum Dare 26 48-hour game competition entry
Who's on your WRT54G router? screenshot

Who's on your WRT54G router?

Go app that told me who was using my wifi.
~/.* screenshot


My "dotfiles", because I think everyone else's dotfiles are interesting.
HTML5 Canvas Traveling Salesmen Solution screenshot

HTML5 Canvas Traveling Salesmen Solution

Back in 2010 when I was learning Canvas