Robert Wallis

SmilingRob: Alive, Human, definitely not a Robot.

webd screenshot


Multi-site web server with autocert.
httpounder screenshot


Playback HTTP GET logs against a webserver to test it.
ECSLight screenshot


A lightweight Entity Component Framework (ECS) for MonoGame and Unity
Timer Boxes screenshot

Timer Boxes

Multiple timers at the same time. Android / iOS
LD26 Practice screenshot

LD26 Practice

practice game before my first Ludum Dare game competition
Game Jam Kit screenshot

Game Jam Kit

Some base code to help quickly make Game Jam entries
Eat My Words screenshot

Eat My Words

Prototype edu-game that won 2nd place at StartUp Weekend Seattle in 2012.
~/.* screenshot


My "dotfiles", because I think everyone else's dotfiles are interesting.
Cheatin' Words screenshot

Cheatin' Words

Site to help me cheat at Words With Friends, and learn the Golang beta on AppEngine