Cube Trainer

Prototype to help people learn the Rubik's Cube

Is the cube easy to solve? No, but it's definitely not impossible. This prototype attempts to make it easier to understand.

Thanks for trying out this free alpha version of "cube trainer". There's been quite a bit of work in the background to get the project this far. I've been trying to figure out the user interface, but it's slow going trying to make it easy to use. Just getting the cube to rotate well when you drag it took a while and I still don't like it.

How to play

After installing Unity Web Player (used for other games too like on Kongregate) click the "Plus" mode, and then press "scramble". See if you can use the U D L R F B controls to align the blocks.

This teaches the first step in solving a real Rubik's cube.

What's new in version 0.02-alpha

  • Plus mode - highlights the blocks needed to solve the very first step.
  • Basics - identifies the various parts of the cube
  • Try It - free form cube solving
  • UDLRFB colors - The Up Down Left Right Front and Back controls now change their colors, and detect the orientation so no matter how you spin the cube, F will rotate the front side clockwise. This notation is used by the algorithm sheets you can find on the Internet, so I'm training you to be able to read them and discuss with others your methods.

Future Work

  • Goals - Display some indicator of your progress, and move to the next "mode" when you complete this one.
  • Email me what you think I should fix or add first.
This product has no official ties to the Rubik's Cube (R).