Timer Boxes

Multiple timers at the same time. Android / iOS

Timer Boxes screenshot
  • Cooking two things at once, need more than one timer? Start two!
  • Time a whole class full of runners starting and finishing at different times.
  • Time everyone in your standup meeting and be the jerk that points out how long that other jerk takes in the standup.

Time anything you want in the little timer boxes.

Save your timers for later automatically. Shut down the app or your device, and timers won't get messed up. Why? They are based on the system clock. And backed up to your app preferences.

Time thousands of things simultaneously, Timer Boxes only has to processes the timers that are running and displayed on the screen, the others are all still running in the background based on the time they started.

Time task management things like how long you watch tv, write a paper, play a game, solve a Rubik's Cube, or just sit there staring at the timer.

Support: Feel free to email me smilingrob@gmail.com about Timer Boxes. Sorry it doesn't work for you, please be nice, I am a person too.